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Sleeping Beauty Book

Personal Project

Based on the original tale by Charles Perrault with some of Disney's animated feature influence, this was by far the most influential story of my childhood and still strikes me in a special way to this day.

I wanted to take the variations of Sleeping Beauty told in the past and completely re-tell it in a new perspective and tone, and center the message around the power of love within family.

All text and illustrations were written and hand-drawn by me, and digitally composed into a formally-printed book through Blurb after four months of work.

Needless to say, this is the project I'm currently most proud of and am ecstatic to have been able to see it through to the very end!



Print Design

Narrative Writing

Photography Art Direction


Photography & Edit: Justin Havey

Print Production: Blurb


Columbus Society of Communicating Arts Creative Best, 2018

Award of Merit

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