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Animation Production Pipeline Notion Template

Animation Production Pipeline Notion Template

Directors, Producers/Project Managers, Motion Designers... getting an animated piece from start to finish can be pretty tough. Not only are there a lot of deadlines, budgets, and assets to handle, there's typically a bunch of spreadsheets & documents that come with it (that don't typically live in one central space.)


Ergo, I made a custom Notion template for basic animated project needs from start to finish in the typical production pipeline. Whether you're a producer who needs a start to get everyone aligned, or a motion designer who is taking on their own solo project but doesn't know where to start, this should be more than enough of a north star!


The best part –– all of the pages referenced within the template are linked, so all you need to do is change the content!

  • This Template Includes Mini Templates for:

    1. A central file directory

    2. A team directory

    3. Creative brief

    4. Client Brand Guidelines

    5. Timeline

    6. Budget sheet

    7. Script writing

    8. Moodboard, art. direction, sketches, styleframes, etc. to see at an overview

    9. Storyboards

    10. A place for audio passes & scratch VO

    11. Page of links to final high-res files and locations

    and more!


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