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2D FX for Design

2D FX for Design

Ever wish you could add that little bit of "mphh" that your action-packed, badass design needed? I've struggled finding good 2D effects that were scalable, editable, and frankly, not made from a screenshot of an animation. So, I made these so you didn't have to. :)


Each effect is hand drawn and rendered in Adobe Illustrator in vector form, so you can stretch these effects as large as you like, recolor them, layer them easily, etc.


I usually have both Illustrator and Photoshop open, and simple copy & paste the effect I need from AI to PS as a smart object.


Redistribution or reselling of this asset is not allowed! I worked hard on these so you wouldn't have to -- I'd appreciate the courtesy :) For personal use only. For commercial usage, visit the other license options on Creative Market!

  • In the File:

    1 Adobe Illustrator file containing:

    • (5) Fire FX
    • (5) Smoke FX
    • (5) Dust/Explosion FX
    • (5) Electricity FX
    • (5) Wind FX
    • (5) Lightning Strikes
    • (3) BONUS full-screen FX
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