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An Ode to Odds

Personal Project: August 2021-22

This is a truly experimental project that captures nearly all of my creative curiosities into one. I've always wanted to get better at motion graphics, 3D, playing with random techniques I usually wouldn't, as well as strengthening ones I want to keep fresh.

This project is ongoing, and an "it'll be done when it's done" kind of thing. Which is great, because I'm also testing my own patience and taking my sweet 'ole time within this project too. A good thing can't be rushed.

The premise is simple – any idea that comes to mind: whether its a cheeky phrase, my favorite cocktail, getting down to basics with basic geometry, or just a darling character – anything is on the table. The only true unifying element I'm keeping consistent is the color palette.

Here's to all the odds!


Art Direction



Motion Graphics


3D Design/Animation


Motion Tests


More to come!

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