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Act I

Vandyl, LLC

From the very beginning when Vandyl was at its infancy, it was always planned for the brand to evolve and expand over time – and that includes its visual language.

The first year of Vandyl was considered our "Prologue" – figuring out how to be what we wanted to be, learning along the way, etc. But now, we enter ACT I at our 1-year anniversary, signifying our official "foot on the gas pedal" to push the bounds of the Vandyl brand and esports creative design in general.

The official kick-off to the year's new look and feel was done via a motion graphic video concepted, directed, produced and created by yours truly. Justin had a big hand in assisting with the flow and edit, and helping to make sure the concept drove home.

This year's mantra is a call to the Vandyl community – almost in Vandyl-version of propaganda. The activations planned for this year are based on the voices of Vandyl Fans and what kind of content they want to see and be a part of. Even within this announcement video, we've included shots of real Vandyl community members that offered to be a part of it. They made it all the more special.


Art & Creative Direction

Design/Motion Design


Copywriting/Script Writing



Audrey Stemen: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Motion Design, Script

Justin Havey: Editor

XX: Voiceover Talent

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